Why Weichai

Each Weichai engine is factory tested before leaving the factory. The tests verify the power and performance of each and every engine. At Weichai we stand by what we sell. We know our product and by factory testing each individual engine we can ensure that when you use the engine as per instruction, it will perform to the standards and specifications listed for the model.

Weichai is designed for your purpose. We understand the needs of stand-by fire pumps and this is why Weichai are trusted across industry, commerical and industrial buildings.
Weichai offers engines that sit in the hard to find horsepower ranges.

Weichai has engines ranging from 45kw to 264kw. With additional models on the way soon. Providing Weichai the option to offer more variety in power and performance.

Proven reliabilty and performance

Thinking about a new fire pump engine? If you are looking at Cummins, John Deere, Crossley, Daewoo or Power Max maybe you should think about Weichai. Weichai has proven quality, reliability and performance that matches, and often overtakes competitors.