Weichai at Work

Weichai offers proven reliability and the trusted strength to power fire pumps in a large variety of environments. Weichai is relied upon in a variety of settings including, high rise apartment buildings, hotels, commercial buildings as well as commercial warehouses.

Weichai provides proven fire pump capacity when your business or residential property needs it most.

While our past focus has mainly been on supplying Weichai products as fire system engines, Weichai engines are not limited to this area. You may be surprised at the areas Weichai can also be found.

Weichai at work

Found in more industries than expected

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Proven reliabilty and performance

Look anywhere in the East and you’ll see Weichai at work. From trucks, buses to earthmoving and public transport Weichai are the choice for all engine users.

But Weichai doesn’t stop there, we’re one of the biggest suppliers of shipping engines in China up to 10,000hp.

Weichai have more than 2,000 people involved in R&D around the world. We aim to make the best product available and now offer our quality engines to you.